How it Works

Joy of Talking will contact professionals and college-educated people and arrange for them to meet at a suitable place. Members can also invite friends or acquaintances. These meetings will be informal and open-ended in a relaxed and spontaneous atmosphere. However, members may also select a few topics for discussion ahead of time.

Obviously, in a group like this, people will find individuals whose company they enjoy. This would lead to the development of smaller groups of like-minded people.

Furthermore, people can widen their circle of friends by participating in a variety of new groups that will naturally emerge out of this "churning" process.

Joy of Talking itself will take initiatives to promote new groups. But with your involvement, we can all make it a success! Join us!

One interesting question: what about those who don't like to talk but just like to listen? Can they join the "talkers"? Sure. If they think they would enjoy such company, they're welcome to come.


How is Joy of Talking different from other social networking services? For the answer to this and other questions, please see our FAQ page.

AN ADDITIONAL NOTE: We value quality over quantity: we aren't simply interested in helping people find more friends, but more compatible friends. To that end, especially with the help of Internet technologies, we are hoping to provide members with additional options, which will be tailored to their individual needs. This will be done once the group becomes established.

In all these efforts, considerations of simplicity, privacy and an efficient use of members' time will be of paramount importance.

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